About MyBigMoneyTree

Welcome to the world of MyBigMoneyTree!

MyBigMoneyTree is unique, one of a kind, passionately providing you and your friends with the hottest retail deals current available from UK retailers.
Deals are updated on a daily basis, ensuring you never miss out on a discount deal again. We have an extensive network of leading retailers, everything from giants like B&Q and Sainsbury's to smaller retailers, everyone giving you the opportunity to make savings on your shopping.

Unique Save Money Make Money with your friends reward system

At MyBigMoneyTree, we decided to take the traditional “Discount Voucher codes” concept one step further. We became very different. Like many other services, we do offer savings on your shopping. That is standard and nothing unique.

What sets us apart from the crowd is our unique cash reward system giving you the possibility to earn unlimited cash rewards on your and your friends’ shopping. We have chosen to call this reward system "Save Money Make Money".
Our patent pending Save Money Make Money reward system does not impose any restrictions on your earning potential.
Refer as many friends as you can and convince them to use MyBigMoneyTree and sit back and earn cash rewards on purchases made by your friends and their friends too!.

We really don’t restrict your earning potential and never will. Your recommended friends belong to you!

You can use the site and download/use vouchers without signing up, we then give 100% of your unclaimed cash rewards to charity. If you decide to sign up, there are even more offers and deals available, you then get the cash rewards paid into an account we set up for you. 

MyBigMoneyTree for children and organisations

MyBigMoneyTree invites organisation of any kind to join. Ask your work colleagues, your club mates, students from your school or any people associated with your organisation to join your network. Gain the full benefit of savings and cash rewards generated from your network. More people in your network, more money for your organisation. Yet again, there are unlimited earnings to be made.

Uniquely positioned, we will soon offer children to join MyBigMoneyTree and benefit from multilevel cash reward system. All children’s dreams will come true, to top-up their weekly allowance with cash rewards generated from parents and adult friends. See us as a helping hand to every parent.

Our mission

"Transform shopping to a Save Money and Make Money experience, with or without the help of your friends, offering significant savings and unlimited earnings."

Our vision

"By continuous innovation and collaboration with our members, a passion for service development, using emerging solutions, we will provide the general public and organisations on a global market, optimal savings and unlimited earning potentials, by offering the most extensive range of discount deals, value offers and cash rewards incentives available from retailers."

The company

MyBigMoneyTree is managed by My Big Money Tree Limited, a privately held company, registered in England with the company number 07255973 and VAT registration number 996663841. My Big Money Tree is also registered under the Data Protection Act No Z2714560. The algorithms used for various operations on the website are patent protected, patent number 1108541.2, including the recommended/refer a friend service where cash rewards are payable to members on multiple levels.