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L'OREAL - Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Night Cream 50ml
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L'OREAL - Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Night Cream 50ml


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Collagen is naturally responsible for the firmness of the skin. With age and hormonal changes, the metabolism of the skin slows down, collagen production progressively diminishes and facial tissues start to sag. The L'Oréal Laboratories have created AGE PERFECT anti-sagging programme for mature skin to firm up the fabric of the skin.ACTION.- Nourishing action.Enriched with natural oils to compensate for most lost lipids in the skin, AGE PERFECT provides lasting nourishment and leaves the skin feeling totally comfortable and supple.- Anti-sagging action.AGE PERFECT has been specially developed to firm up the fabric of the skin. It contains Collagen-Boost to stimulate the production of collagen (In vitro tests) and Dermo-Peptide™ to reinvigorate cells and help improve cell cohesion. It helps "e;plump up"e; the fabric of the skin.- Regenerating action.RESULTS.77% Anti-sagging effectiveness observed by women (Tested for night cream on 115 women over 3 weeks).Your skin is more supply, with a renewed bounce and your complexion looks fresher from the moment you wake up. Your facial contours appear lifted.Dear consumer, for many years, through research and collaboration with dermatologists throughout the world, L'Oréal has acquired an extensive expertise of women's skin. This is why, as a part of a new renovation of our products, L'Oréal Plénitude™ has become L'Oréal Dermo-Expertise™.TESTED UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL.

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