Reward System

MyBigMoneyTree Make Money Save Money reward system

Our unique and patent pending reward system offers members to make money and save money in "one go" on purchases made through Make even money passively by creation of your forest of friends.  

Build your forest of friends
You are enrolled automatically into our unique reward system once you become a member of MyBigMoneyTree. As a member, you are able to recommend friends who becomes "trees" in your "forest". A friend will stay in your forest for life. Cease the opportunity now rather than later and recommend your friends before anybody else does.  
Earn cash rewards with your friends 
Every time you or your friends do shopping via our site, we pay you 100% of the cash rewards when you make a purchase and 20% cash rewards of what your friends purchase, we will pay your friends some cash rewards as a thank you for recommending you. The amount depends on each specific retailer.  
Your friends recommend their friends
If your friends recommend other friends they still belong to your forest. This goes on for seven tiers and can therefore cover thousands of friends belonging to your forest. A member can belong to a friend's forest, but at the same time be a forest owner too. Friends up to seven tiers of recommendation levels belong to your forest.
Hundreds or even thousands of friends
Your forest of friends is likely to cover people who you may not even know. They will all earn money for you on cash rewards.
No limitations
There is absolute no limit to the amount of friends you can recommend and no limit to the amount of money you can earn.
Private individuals or organisations alike 
You may become a member as a private individual or organisation. The same reward policy applies.