African Trails

African Trails pays 2.50% cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

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African Trails

African Trails is an adventure overland tour operator specialising in budget safaris and overland tours in Africa and the Middle East.

We have been operating continuously for 32 years and we run all our own trips. Our tours range from short, 5 day safaris to the ultimate trip ? the 43 week London to Istanbul via Cape Town Trans Africa. We have over 60 safaris and tours to suit most people and ages, as long as they have the adventurous spirit.

All our departures are on a set departure date. We are offering 5% of the Tour Price. For example, the 43 week Trans Africa?s tour price is £3500 at present. 5% is £175. Most people book our tours in pairs.

Why promote African Trails:

- Our affordable African safaris means that they appeal to families, as well as individuals. People are looking for better value and easy chance of multiple commissions.

- Friendly one on one service as we deal direct

- 32 years of experience

- We operate all our own tours, we don?t farm out to other operators. We own and operate all our equipment and vehicles, as well.

- Friendly, informative website and search facility

- Easy to use and secure checkout process.

£££ Cash rewards £££

Typical reward value: 2.50%