Capsilite pays 6.25% cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.


Capsilite - Affiliate Program

Capsilite reduces your appetite, increases your metabolism, inhibits fat cell growth and helps prevent fat cell formation. There are no frustrating side effects or agonising hunger pangs, you can take Capsilite safely and feel the benefits without affecting your lifestyle..

Each bottle of Capsilite contains 30 capsules and cost £29.99. At the moment, we have mutibuy discounts on the cost of Capsilite.

Commission Model:

12.5% of total order value (excluding VAT and delivery charges)

Benefits of the Capsilite affiliate program:
  • A natural product approved by UK doctors Clinical evidence about its effects available on website
  • Extensive banner sizes
  • Helps users burn an extra 278 calories per day
  • Used by celebrities and athletes as part of their health and fitness program
  • National PR campaign currently underway
  • Regular on-site promotions
  • 30 day cookie

Affiliates who are integrated under exclusive commission segments are excluded from all other regular commission models, tiered bonuses and any affiliate contests


This programme works with a Last-Click-Counts tracking gateway. With this setup a commission is only rewarded to the publisher or online marketing channel for which the last click before the transaction was recorded. In order to ensure correct attribution of commissions, only links officially provided in the network can be used. If you want to use custom deeplinks you must contact your Account Manager at nonstopConsulting to ensure they are working properly!

If you would like any further information, or wish to provide feedback, please don't hesitate to contact the Capsilite Affiliate Manager:

Shamem Ahmed

Affiliate Marketing Manager

£££ Cash rewards £££

Typical reward value: 6.25%