Concern Worldwide Gifts

Concern Worldwide Gifts pays 5% cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.

Concern Worldwide Gifts

Concern Gifts ( enables people to buy fun and quirky presents for their friends and family that also help someone living in poverty. With over 30 gifts to choose from, there?s something for everyone ? from little piglets, cute chickens and adorable donkeys to vital school supplies, emergency food and village irrigations systems. These gifts can make great stocking fillers too!

40% of all Concern Gift sales are made online, demonstrating its success as an online product.

Concern Gifts is the gifts website for Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian organisation that works in 25 of the world?s poorest countries. Concern has over 40 years? experience in the field, working with people to help them transform their lives. To find out more about Concern, please visit our website

How does Concern Gifts work?

When someone orders a Concern Gift, we'll send them a big thank you, along with a delightful gift card for each gift they buy. The card will have a picture of the present, explains why it is needed and has room for a personalised message. Alternatively, they can also choose to send a personalised e-card to their lucky gift recipient ? particularly useful for last minute shoppers.

What will affiliates be paid on and how much per lead/ sale?

By helping us drive sales to Concern Gifts, you can earn yourself 10% sales commission whilst also helping to fund Concern Worldwide?s projects around the world.

The average basket value is £43.

How often will pending orders be validated?

Validations will occur weekly.

Additional Information (special actions)

Concern Gifts affiliates should restrict activity to the UK only.
The following affiliates are not allowed on the program:
- cashback affiliate sites
- loyalty affiliate sites
- voucher code affiliate sites

£££ Cash rewards £££

Typical reward value: 5%