eBay.co.uk pays £0.035p to £0.20p per click cash rewards for searches sent to the eBay website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.


Far from an online auction house, ebay.co.uk currently has over 30 million live listings on the UK site, with fixed price goods accounting for the majority (60%) of items sold globally. Sellers of all sizes, including 160,000 registered businesses and over 100 high-street retailers use eBay as an additional sales channel to reach the UK's largest online shopping audience, across categories including fashion, home & garden, and consumer electronics. eBay is, in fact, the world's largest online marketplace with more than 90 million active users globally and over 17.7 million unique visitors to eBay.co.uk every month.

£££ Cash rewards £££

Typical reward value: £0.035p to £0.20p per click

Note: Click payments

Ebау pays for clicks sent to the eBay site by MyBigMoneyTree(MBMT). The amount paid per click (EPC) on a daily basis depends on the quality of the traffic sent (visitors and members of MBMT). The quality of the traffic is assessed by ebay using a number of different factors, including revenue from sales and the long term value of new users.
Ebay only pays out for valid clicks as determined by the ebay click filtering system.