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The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.

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This is the Golden CHANCE when it comes to making money online, you will not be disappointed. WE WILL SEND FULL DETAIL ON YOU MAIL THRER IS NO AGENT BETWEEN YOU AND USWE HAVE GOODS -------- YOU HAVE CUSTOMERSwe send goods direct to your customers QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS QUESTION ----- WHAT YOU DON'T NEED FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE AT EBAY AND AMAZONE OR OTHER 3RD PARTY WEBSITE..?ANSWER-----NO investment, NO setup cost, NO need to keep stock , NO worker ,NO space, WE WILL SEND FULL DETAIL ON YOU MAIL QUESTION-- WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO BUSINESS AND MAKING MONEY ONLINEANSWER-- GOOD EBAY ACCOUNT, AND PAYPAL ACCOUNT WE WILL SEND FULL DETAIL ON YOU MAIL QUESTION--- HOW IT WORKS..?ANSWER --You list, all your chosen products on your own EBAY ACCOUNTWhen your customer buys a product from you via eBay for example. You then JUST GIVE ORDER TO US and PAY the product COST at much less than the price you sold it for. (leaving you with a healthy profit margin) then fill out the delivery form, to be sent to your customer's address. Your order will then be dispatched in unbranded packaging straight to your customer's door.WE WILL SEND FULL DETAIL ON YOU MAIL More information on drop shipping? (No money needed to buy stock)Drop shipping is a retail fulfilment method that most major stores and retailers use to fulfil online orders. Instead of buying stock upfront and to help with cash flow, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party (Normally the Wholesaler/Manufacture) and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn't stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfil orders.This business model works internationally, you can sell from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection. What do you get with this listing?Proof it works, we can discuss further, we will give you our basic price and you can search on eBay what is market cost that itemYour own professional website, so you can sell online and direct people from Facebook, Gumtree, Google and Bing to buy from your website. (The website is fully editable and easy to use) For payments just add your email address that's connected to your current Paypal account and you are ready to start selling online. Please note: This website is completely optional, you can still run a dropshipping business successfully without it.

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Far from an online auction house, ebay.co.uk currently has over 30 million live listings on the UK site, with fixed price goods accounting for the majority (60%) of items sold globally. Sellers of all sizes, including 160,000 registered businesses and over 100 high-street retailers use eBay as an additional sales channel to reach the UK's largest online shopping audience, across categories including fashion, home & garden, and consumer electronics. eBay is, in fact, the world's largest online marketplace with more than 90 million active users globally and over 17.7 million unique visitors to eBay.co.uk every month.

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Typical reward value: £0.035p to £0.20p per click

Note: Click payments

Ebау pays for clicks sent to the eBay site by MyBigMoneyTree(MBMT). The amount paid per click (EPC) on a daily basis depends on the quality of the traffic sent (visitors and members of MBMT). The quality of the traffic is assessed by ebay using a number of different factors, including revenue from sales and the long term value of new users.
Ebay only pays out for valid clicks as determined by the ebay click filtering system.