kidoo® pays cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.


kidoo, is a new social commerce platform for parents/families, which uses the group buying model to offer members irresistible, time sensitive deals.

Each week kidoo runs a range of unique deals from strong family and children's brands - covering the full spectrum of family products and services - from birth to teen.

The basket value of deals, ranges from £10 to £2,500. Deals go live on Monday at 00:00 and remain on kidoo for a full 7 days, giving you lots time to plan and execute your promotions.

Our affiliate programme is supported by regular high-profile display media campaigns and ongoing online and offiline PR activity, through our PR agency.

We offer a full range of creative to promote our programme, including standard banners, xml banners, solus email and textlinks.

We're keen to hear from affiliates and happy to put together bespoke ad units, as well as work with you on unique promotions.

kidoo is a social commerce platform, which focuses exclusively on family brands. We partner with cool, high-quality, chic and unique brands - covering the full spectrum of products and services, that maintain and enhance family life, while offering our members irresistible, time sensitive deals.

What will affiliates be paid on and how much per lead/ sale?

kidoo, offers a competitive 30 day click cookie and a commission of 10% of basket value.

How often will pending orders be validated?

14 days

(CPL) Lead Generation Guidelines and Restrictions on kidoo's Programme

Publishers with incentive models are not permitted, to solely promote (leads) registration to users, in exchange of points, cash or any other alternative reward. Promotion of kidoo's programme should be geared towards generating sales primarily, with call to action messaging/copy that is 'purchase-led'.

kidoo will monitor conversion from leads generated on the programme by individual publishers, with the expectation that conversion is no less than 4%. kidoo's core audience are parents between the ages of 25 and 44 and therefore any targeting of users, employed by publishers across all channels, should ideally be aimed at this audience but certainly never targeted to users under 18 years old.

Taking the above into account, kidoo reserve the right to offer CPL to a publishers at it's discretion.