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Merlin Merlin is the UK?s leading charity specialising in international health, sending medical experts to the frontline of global emergencies eg. war, earthquakes, floods.  Working to save lives fast in emergencies and staying for as long as it takes to recover.  96p of every £1 spent goes directly to the field operations.

Here are some reasons to promote the program ?

Merlin offer ?

?    A unique mandate to respond to humanitarian emergencies
?    World leading medical aid agency with ambitions to expand capacity for emergency response
?    Medical expertise on the front line in places of conflict and global emergencies
?    Doctors and nurses working around the clock in disaster stricken areas
?    Tireless workers; undaunted and determined
?    From emergency to recovery; staying as long as it takes
?    96p of every £1 spent goes towards field operations 
?    Remaining 4p is spent on generating more income and supporting governance costs
?    Merlin is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee
?    Merlin aim to serve some of the most vulnerable people around the world
?    To date has worked in 39 countries responding to some of the most serious humanitarian emergencies of recent history
?    Currently reaching over 20 million people in 16 countries