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MyGadgetBuddy is the unique new must-have gadget insurance cover for all those essential gadgets you just can?t live without, including Laptop, Phone, Iphone and Ipad insurance, digital camera insurance and console insurance

This insurance provides instant protection for gadgets from damage, loss, theft, breakdown and fraudulent use and all for one great price.

Product: Gadget Insurance

Benefits: Gadget Insurance provides cover for:
? Accidental damage ? electronic devices will be covered for repair costs if it is damaged as the result of an accident

? Theft ? if a device is stolen we will replace it, or the part/s that have been stolen

? Loss ? if a electronic device (except from a commercial, soft top or convertible vehicle) is lost, we will replace it
? Breakdown ? which occurs outside of the manufacturers guarantee period (except laptops)

? Malicious damage ? if a electronic device is damaged through the deliberate actions of another we will repair it, or the damaged parts

? Fraudulent call use ? if a mobile phone is lost or stolen and is covered by the policy, we will refund the cost of the calls made from the mobile phone after it was stolen up to a maximum of £100

? Worldwide cover.

Cookies: 30 days

Commission: 12% per sale (total amount of quote) as standard, 14.5% if more than 25 policies sold in a month

Commissions validated: daily

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