Shelter pays cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.


Shelter are offering attractive signup rates for affiliates and a wide range of supporting material to make their new campaign a success for both Shelter and affiliate partners.

Earn £25 for each person signed up and giving £5 per month or more by direct debit *. Affiliates will also receive a £5 bonus for each direct-debit supporter whose monthly gift continues beyond six installments.

20% of the value of all credit card donations will also be paid (up to a maximum of £32 commission per donation).

About Shelter:
Shelter is the UK's leading housing and homelessness charity.
Our vision is that everyone should have a home. Each year we help over 170,000 people. We do this by providing vital advice through our free housing helpline, our national network of Housing Aid Centres and specific locally tailored projects. We also campaign for fairer legislation and better housing policies in order to address the root causes of homelessness and bad housing. We rely on voluntary donations in order to be able to continue our services, and regular monthly direct debits from members of the public provide the backbone of our funding.

The need for our services is huge:

One in seven children in Britain lives in overcrowded, dilapidated or temporary accommodation.
Children living in bad housing are almost twice as likely to suffer from poor health.
They are also more likely to miss school, be unhappy and run away from home.

When these children grow up, they are more likely to develop long term illnesses, to be out of work or on low pay, and to suffer from depression. 1.9 million households in Britain are on the waiting list for a council home. Nearly 75,000 homeless households in England are stuck in temporary accommodation

Thats why Shelter have launched this campaign to raise funds for our wide range of services and projects. We are hoping that this online advertising initiative will provide a long-term source of support, by educating and inspiring members of the public and showing them that a few pounds a month can make huge differences to the lives of families who are facing homelessness or enduring bad housing.

*affiliates will be paid once supporters first direct-debit installment is successfully made, and will therefore require 60 days to validate any transactions.