Swarovski UK

Swarovski UK pays 4% cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.

Swarovski UK

The multifaceted cosmos of Swarovski Crystal never ceases to fascinate with new surprises. New Swarovski products are launched regularly throughout the year, so don't miss out!

  • Incredibly competitive Commissions of up to 10% per sale
  • Strong Products
  • Special ad-media to support niche-sites
  • Content-usage from Swarovski.com*
  • Personal communication and support in planning your individual Swarovski-campaign

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Commission Structure

  • 8% Standard Commission
  • 10% Commission - revenue £7,000.00+

Sales Validation

  • Validation of sales usually takes 6-8 weeks.

* Content usage Guidelines for affiliate partners.
The takeover of texts and images from Swarovski.com is possible and encouraged for Swarovski affiliate-partners, if:

  • the source is clearly marked as "Source: www.swarovski.com" and hyperlinked to http://www.swarovski.com
  • the affiliate partner is not allowed to claim ownership or editorship of the content
  • the images and texts are used "as is" without alterations, and marked with: "(c) Swarovski".
  • Exception: No image-usage from Crystal News/Limelight-section allowed

£££ Cash rewards £££

Typical reward value: 4%