UTalk Marketing

UTalk Marketing pays 10% cash rewards if you complete a purchase on their website.

The cash rewards is distributed to you and your friends through our unique reward system.

UTalk Marketing

Join the UTalkMarketing affiliate programme and earn 20% commission on all tickets to any of our training courses that you sell. With an average order value of £400, the income adds up very quickly.

UTalkMarketing is the UK?s leading website for the marketing industry (www.utalkmarketing.com) which launched in January 2007. It aggregates the latest marketing news, case studies, how to guides, and creative advertising campaigns. The site has grown very quickly over the past couple of years and we now receive more visitors than any other UGC website dedicated to client-side marketers in the UK.

It is led by Niall Mckinney, ex Chief Marketing Officer for Europe at lastminute.com. Before this, Niall was Publisher and Marketing Director of Loaded magazine, and is the man responsible for bringing Nuts magazine into the world.

UTalkMarketing is now also the UK?s leading provider of digital marketing training with courses ranging from Social Media and SEO to Digital CRM and Digital Strategy. We use expert trainers to deliver our courses and pride ourselves on providing practical training that marketers can use as soon as they get back to the office.

The purpose of the affiliate programme is to get more marketers coming on our marketing training courses. It will also help us reach a broader audience.

For specialist sites or those interested in advertising just one training course, we?d be happy to work on that basis. We like to work with all of our affiliates to create the individual package which suits them best.

£££ Cash rewards £££

Typical reward value: 10%