Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic was recently voted ?Favourite Scheduled Airline? at the British Travel Awards and is one of the world's best known and most loved airline brands.

Its one of the world?s leading long haul airlines.

Virgin Atlantic are well known for their transatlantic flights but actually now have a route network that spans 34 destinations worldwide. Kingston (Jamaica), Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Australia and Cape Town are just a few of the highlights, not forgetting all those USA and Caribbean favourites.

The majority of their flights are out of London Heathrow and Gatwick; however there are also selected services out of Manchester and Glasgow (seasonal). For a full list of all the destinations Virgin Atlantic fly from and to, click here.

On board you can choose from 3 different cabins; Economy, Premium, Business

Commissions Virgin Atlantic pay 2% as standard.

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